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February 2006
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Feature Stories

A proposal to extend the Finance Information System (FIS) timeline to July 2007 and to implement CMS version 8.9, rather than 8.4 with an 8.9 upgrade to follow, was recently presented to and approved by the Chancellors Office CMS Executive Committee.

This new timeline and version 8.9 implementation, provides CSUF with cost saving opportunities. CSU-San Jose’s upgrade from version 8.4 to version 8.9 cost was $400,000. Eliminating this upgrade process will save the CSUF CMS Project team time and money by not requiring two fit gap processes, additional consultant fees and re-training staff on the technical differences between the two versions.
Additional benefits from this new timeline include:

  • The new ‘go-live’ date will correspond with the end of the fiscal year enabling the CMS team to maintain the integrity of fiscally sensitive data.
  • Expansion of fit gap period will enhance campus participation and feedback.
  • The expanded timeline allows for a greater degree of direct campus technical staff involvement resulting in savings on consulting fees.

Finally, The CMS FIS Project team is determined to hire strategically qualified personnel. The timeline extension will enable the CMS Project team to hire and allocate campus resources to filling critical business analyst, subject matter expert and backfill positions.

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