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February 2006
CMS Project Watch

HR-Finance-Student Updates


  • CMS Communication efforts were expanded and included a CMS presentation to the ASI Board and the release of the “Early Edition” Update Newsletter that was developed to inform the campus about the latest and soon-to-be released CMS functionality. The first issue of Early Edition was released in November (Leave Accounting and Positive Pay), the second issue in December (Part-Time Faculty) and the third issue in January (Student Worker).
  • CMS Reporting Committee was established. The objective of this committee is to evaluate how CSUF will handle batch job setup/submission, output generation, report distribution, report archiving and research/data mining against reports in the CMS environment.
  • CMS Forms Committee was established. The committee is responsible for developing a set of requirements for forms software and to evaluate the existing software used on campus as well as other software options based on the determined requirements.
  • Recruitments are in-process for CMS Document/Trainer, CMS Communication Specialist, CMS Programmer/Analyst, CMS Administrative Assistant and CMS Project Director.

Human Resource

  • On December 1st, all employees were able to view their leave balances through CMS LAPP (Leave Accounting and Positive Pay). Employees access LAPP using Employee Self Service pages. Timekeepers and managers now have access to reports in addition to an attendance roster that provides usage, history, and balances for their employees. All is available through the university’s portal
  • On December 19th, Part-Time Faculty functionality was released to the campus. This functionality allows Colleges/Departments to appoint, reappoint or make changes to existing appointments for all Part-Time Lecturers, Teaching Associates, and Graduate Assistants. Once the appointment is approved a contract for the appointment can be e-mailed automatically to the Part-Time Faculty member, Teaching Associate or Graduate Assistant.
  • On January 16th, additional distributed functionality was released to the campus. Additional departments are being trained on and are obtaining access to CWID Search, Department Roster and Queries.
  • On January 17th, Student Worker functionality was released to the campus. This functionality allows departments to appoint and reappoint, enter data changes (position change, pay rate change and termination), and enter time worked (and print CD048s) for student assistants, bridge and work study students and instructional student assistants directly into CMS.
  • Registration for CMS HR courses is now online. Users are able to register for CMS training using an online registration system through the campus portal. This registration system allows the user to choose class dates and times that are convenient for their schedule.


  • Successful recruitments were conducted for Finance Business Analysts: Allyson Bates (Lead), Shelly Montoya (Accounts Payable) and Joan Horn (Procurement). The recruitment for the Budget/GL Business Analyst and various backfill positions are still in process.
  • Recommendation to implement CMS FIS Project during June 2007 was made by Finance Management Team and CMS Steering Committee in November.
  • The CSU CMS Executive Committee approved the July 2007 timeline 8.9 Finance implementation. Amir Dabirian and Chris Manriquez presented the new timeline and 8.9 version proposal to the CSU CMS Executive Committee on January 9th in San Jose.


  • Cedar/Crestone (CMS Readiness Assessment partner) determined that CSUF met all the "Minimum" and 'Ideal" criteria in all ten of the readiness categories. Readiness Assessment interviews were conducted during the weeks of January 9th and 16th with various groups and individuals including:
    • CMS Executive Sponsor
    • CMS Project Director
    • CMS Steering Committee
    • CMS Technical Team
    • CMS Student Administration Management Team
    • CMS Student Administration Module Leads
    • IT Management Team
    • Student Financials
    • Financial Aid
    • Academic Advising
    • Registration and Admissions & Records
    • ASI President
  • The Request for Proposal (RFP) for the CMS SA implementation partner was released on February 10th to various CSU MEA contractors.
  • The CMS SA team is an official tenant of University Plaza. Estimate is for utilization of space to begin in March 2006. Surplus furniture received from the Chancellor’s Office.

Recruitments are in-process for Student Administration staffing and backfill.

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