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Training & Support FAQs

When will training begin?
CMS training will be delivered with a “just-in-time” approach, meaning that users will be trained just prior to the release of any CMS functionality.  The CMS team works with representatives from each division to ensure all system users will receive the right access at the right time. If you are identified as a CMS user, the CMS team will contact you to schedule your training session(s).  You will be provided with a CMS training guide, quick reference guides, and information to the online resources and tools that are available to you.

Who do I contact for help?
First point of contact is the Help Desk at x7777 or

Will training be provided to learn CMS?
Yes, the amount of CMS functional training provided will be based on the level of an individual’s interaction with the system. A comprehensive Training and Support “system” of programs, curriculum, and classrooms, has been defined that will:

  • Designate training needs by business function
  • Schedule and offer hands-on classroom training facilities
  • Provide for course registration for elective training
  • Facilitate web-based, multi-media, on-demand training to the desktop
  • Present first-line support solutions for CMS questions

Who will be trained on the CMS system?
Training plays a major role in the success of the CSUF CMS project and will include:

  • Implementation team training
  • Functional user and manager training
  • Cross-training for departmental business continuity
  • Remedial and ongoing training for new hires, during periods of software updates, changes, etc.

Additionally, key Help Desk and IT staff will receive training in order to sustain the implementation and support efforts.

How do I know when I need to be trained?
Users will be sent an email that identifies specific training courses they are required to attend before receiving CMS access.

How do I sign up for CMS training?
When users receive the email that identifies the specific training courses they are required to attend before receiving CMS access, they will be provided a link to the Employee Training Center Online Registration site. Here, users can look at the available dates and times for CMS classes and enroll online.

Are there additional training tools available for the department users?
Yes, web-based tutorials and training/process guides for Employee Self Service and other distributed functionality are available on the CMS Website.  Coming soon: Self-paced online tutorials!

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