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CMS HR Absence Management Implementation

Absence Management is a powerful module within the CMS application that gives the campus control over tracking and processes employee absences.  It provides employee and manager self service features allowing Fullerton to streamline its existing business processes.

Why are we converting from Leave Accounting (LAPP) to Absence Management? 
CSUF will be converting from the current Leave Accounting module to Absence Management on June 1, 2011 (see timeline below).  This conversion will be seamless to the campus until the self service portion of Absence Management is rolled out to the campus on August 1, 2011.  There are several reasons that CSUF is embarking on this implementation:

  1. There are many enhanced features in Absence Management that Leave Accounting does not offer:
    1. Self Service functionality that allows employees to report their time online through the employee portal eliminating the need for a hard copy 634 form to be completed.
    2. Self Service functionality that allows time keepers to review time submitted by all employees and to systematically certify attendance online through the employee portal.
    3. Self Service functionality that allows managers to view and approve leave balances time taken for their employees through the employee portal.
    4. Enhanced reporting to assist departments and managers with tracking and maintaining leave accruals, usage and balances.
    5. Absence Management streamlines the entire process providing faster access to leave balances.

  2. The Human Resources and Student Administration database will be upgraded from PeopleSoft version 8.9 to version 9.0 in March of 2012.  PeopleSoft version 9.0 does not include Leave Accounting (LAPP).  PeopleSoft and CMS Central will only be supporting Absence Management in versions 9.0 and higher.

  3. The Chancellors office has mandated the implementation of Absence Management and the rollout of self service for all campuses by September of 2012.


Timeline for Absence Management Implementation:

absence management


HCM Upgrade to Version 9.0

In conjunction with CMS Central, Cal State Fullerton will be upgrading from HCM (Human Capital Management) version 8.9 to version 9.0 in March 2012. 

  • Pass 1 – Provided database to CMS Central on 1/10/2011.  We should receive our HCM 9.0 instance back on 2/7/2011.  The CSUF CMS Technical team will get our HCM 9.0 DVL and TST instances ready for us to begin our upgrade.
    • Convert and test all HCM 8.9 modifications, reports, and interfaces that need to be included in HCM 9.0.  HR was able to eliminate 39 modifications due to non usage or due to the Absence Management implementation.  64 modifications will be carried forward to 9.0.
    • Test all existing queries in HCM 9.0 and fix any that broke due to the upgrade
    • Test all current HCM 8.9 functionality in 9.0
    • Test security in HCM 9.0
  • Pass 2 – Begins 6/6/2011
    • Continue with testing including testing any Maintenance Packs installed since Pass 1.
    • Review/update all documentation, guides and web tutorials as needed.
    • Begin to look at functionality new to HCM 9.0 to determine if we want to utilize it at Cal State Fullerton
  • Pass 3 – Begins 1/2/2012
    • Final testing for go-live including testing any Maintenance Packs installed since Pass 2.
  • Go-live – 3/1/2012 through 3/4/2012
  • Cleanup any HCM 9.0 issues.  Moratorium on modifications scheduled to be lifted in June 2012.