CMS Human Resources

Labor Cost Distribution will go-live in July 2007. Labor Cost Distribution will be the primary integration between the HR and Finance systems. It provides the ability to account for labor costs and sends that information to the Finance system. For the full story and how these changes may affect you, please follow this link to the news page.

The current version of CMS HR delivers the following functionality to the campus. Select the application title for more descriptive detail and application related FAQ’s.

Leave Accounting and Positive Pay (LAPP -

Leave Accounting and Positive pay


Leave Accounting and Positive Pay (LAPP) - Employees who are eligible for leave benefits are able to view their leave balances using Employee Self Service. In addition, timekeepers and managers have access to reports and to an attendance roster that provides usage, history, and balances for their employees.


Part-time Faculty (PTF)

Part-time Faculty


Part-time Faculty (PTF) - Department/Colleges enter appointment information directly into CMS, reappoint or make changes to an existing appointment, update course assignments, approve appointments or changes in appointments and subsequently create a contract for the appointment.


Student Worker (SW -

Student Worker


Student Worker (SW) - Departments appoint and reappoint; enter data changes (position change, pay rate change and termination); enter time worked (and print CD048s) for student assistants, bridge and work study students and instructional student assistants directly into CMS.


Employee Self Service (


Employee Self Service – All employees view personal information (home address, telephone numbers and emergency contact information), benefit elections, job information and leave balances.

The following monthly classes are offered through the Faculty/Staff portal Training tab under the CMS section Course Catalog:

  • Leave Accounting for Dept Timekeepers
  • Part-Time Faculty Lecture/Lab
  • CMS Part-Time Faculty Refresher
  • Student Worker Lecture/Lab

User guides and On-line tutorials for the above functionalities are available at CMS Training and Support.

For questions or concerns please contact