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Calendar & Timelines

July 2007

  • July 9 –  Labor Cost Distribution (LCD) goes live.

April – May 2007

Current activities

  • Phase II of Labor Cost Distribution (LCD) underway. LCD provides the ability to account for labor cost and sends information to the finance system.  This is the primary integration between HR and FIS systems.
  • Moving forward with the Summer Session Modification which was created for the processing and payment of summer-session faculty.
  • 5/16/07 -Labor Cost Distribution Demonstration for the HR & FIS Divisional Coordinators

March 2007

  • Human Capital Management 8.9 implementation and user trainings

January – February 2007

  • User Work Team “System” Testing -  01/08 through 01/12/07
  • Student Work Module “User” Testing - 02/12  through 02/16/07  

December 2006

  • Prototype sessions for Student Worker functionality to continue in December.
  • Fullerton will receive its second upgrade pass of the database from the Chancellor’s Office.  Three passes of the database are planned for the upgrade process.

November 2006

CMS User Work Team 'Prototype' sessions will be conducted for the following:

    • Temp Faculty Mod
    • Student Work Mod

October 2006

The CMS HR Team will be participating in the CMS Central Fit Gap Sessions for Absence Management.


CMS HR Timeline

Download the CMS HR timeline.

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