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 California State University, Fullerton



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Faculty Marshals

Sean Walker
University Ceremony
Chair, Academic Senate

Mitchell J. Fennell
College of the Arts
Professor of Music

Douglas Swanson
College of Communications
Professor of Communications

Edith C. Li
College of Communications
Professor of Human Communication Studies

Edward J. Fink
College of Communications
Professor of Radio-TV-Film

Lisa D. Kirtman
College of Education
Associate Dean, College of Education and Former Professor of Elementary and Bilingual Education 

Shanin Ghazanshahi
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Professor of Electrical Engineering

Pamella H. Oliver
College of Health and Human Development
Professor of Child and Adolescent Studies

Irena Praitis
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Professor of English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics

Mira Farka
College of Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
Associate Professor of Economics

Morteza Jamshidian
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Professor of Mathematics