Virtual Commencement Celebration FAQs

What is it?

The Virtual Commencement Celebration is an opportunity to celebrate 2020 graduates virtually during these unprecedented times. Participation is optional and completely free. The Virtual Commencement Celebration will consist of video messages, customized graduate slides and social media activities.

This is not intended to take the place of a live ceremony. The university still hopes to offer an in-person experience sometime in the future. At this time no dates can be offered due to the fluidity of COVID-19.

Cal State Fullerton is under the same county and statewide restrictions as all other entities which prevent us from making concrete plans. However, we recognize your efforts and will continue to research avenues to celebrate your accomplishments.


Who can participate?

All fall 2019 and 2020 spring and summer grads who have submitted and passed Grad Check. Informative emails will be sent to your email address.


How do I register?

Login to the CSUF Student Portal. From there click on the widget, refer to photo below.

Screenshot of registration page

You will be redirected to the Marching Order website where you can register and create your slide for the Virtual Commencement Celebration.

At the Marching Order site you will first review your degree information. Should there be any discrepancies please email them too Next complete the Graduate Information Section.

Please make sure you utilize ProNounce, the third section of the registration page, so you can record your name. Your recording will be used to properly pronounce your name when your slide appears during the celebration. This must be completed by May 15, 2020 at midnight.

Now you are ready to create your slide. The next section is titled Create Your Personal Graduation Slide (refer to photo below). Click on the upload photo button to select and upload a photo. Photos may be no larger than 5mb. Please note photos must be of good taste and of yourself. You do not need to be in regalia but tasteful clothing is required. All photos will be reviewed and any inappropriate content will be deleted. This step must be done prior to May 22, 2020 at midnight.

Screenshot of personal slide

Lastly you will need to complete the Post-Graduation Information section.


Is regalia required for the virtual celebration photo?

No, you do not need to wear regalia in your photo. You can dress how you like, but we do encourage you to show your Titan Pride.


When will the Virtual Commencement Celebration take place?

The celebration date will be announced in just a few weeks. Stay tuned and keep checking your email for updates!

Postponement Frequently Asked Questions

Will in-person ceremonies be held?

At this time no dates can be released due to the fluidity of COVID-19. Please understand that the university is under the same county and statewide restrictions as all other entities which prevent us from making concreate plans for the in-person ceremony. Rest assured we are still working towards that goal and are just as eager as the grads to have a definitive date.

The university is committed to giving graduates an opportunity to walk across the stage and have their names read.


If I participate in the virtual celebration does that mean I can’t walk later?

No, participating in the virtual celebration does not affect your eligibility to walk. The celebration is not meant to be a replacement for in-person ceremonies. It is simply an opportunity for the Titan Family to congratulate the class of 2020 during the traditional Commencement season.

All Commencement celebrations are voluntary, and each graduate can choose to participate in either, both or none at all.


If I don’t want to purchase regalia until in-person ceremony information is release can I wait?

Yes, Titan Shops is committed to keep 2020 regalia on sale until in-person ceremonies take place. If you are interested in purchasing all or some of your regalia now please go to and they will ship your items directly to you.