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 California State University, Fullerton

Commencement Map

Commencement Map


Commencement Sites

Graduate Line Up

1 Intramural Field


Titan Track

2 Titan Stadium


Road south of Titan Stadium

3 Parking Lot A South


Parking Lot A near Children's Center

4 Parking Lot D


Parking Lot D

5 Titan Gymnasium Porch


North side of Titan Shops

6 Titan Gymnasium


South entrance of Titan Gymnasium

7 Ruby Gerontology Center, Mackey Auditorium


Ruby Gerontology Center, Room 17

8 Parking Lot J


Gastronome Entrance

9Titan Student Union, Portola Pavilion      


North entrance of Titan Student Union

10 Titan Shops Courtyard


West entrance of Pollak Library

11 Engineering and Computer Science Lawn


Engineering and Computer Science Courtyard

12 Clayes Performing Arts Center, Meng Concert Hall


Waterfall west of Clayes Performing Arts Center

13 Clayes Performing Arts Center, Little Theatre


Walkway south of Clayes Performing Arts Center

14 Humanities Courtyard


Quad near Pollak Library