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Tuffy Illustrations

Tuffy is the university mascot, and is primarily used as an informal representation of the university's sports teams, which all carry the name "Titans." At Cal State Fullerton, "Titans" is associated with the imagery of an elephant – the official, formal depiction appearing in the Titan shield. When the real-life, 3-D Tuffy appears at games or other university events, it is at the behest of Athletics.

In illustrated form, Tuffy images are created, managed and disseminated soley by Strategic Communications. Members of the campus community may not create and use their own versions of Tuffy, and official Tuffy artwork is the only authorized CSUF elephant imagery outside of the formal elephant iconography used in Athletics' Titan shield to represent the Titans team name.

Tuffy may only be used in informal applications when a fun graphic indicative of school spirit is appropriate. There is only one Tuffy. Tuffy does not have a spouse, children, or other family members, and is not associated with a herd.

Below is downloadable Tuffy art that campus members can use for their informal print and electronic publications.

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Tuffy Illustrations

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Tuffy examples