California State University, Fullerton


Fulfilling our educational mission can be enhanced by successfully connecting with and inspiring both our internal and external stakeholders in order to advance a broad range of strategic interests.

An engaging brand is key to this work.

The Cal State Fullerton brand is much more than our logo, our tagline, or even an entire set of communications. Our brand is defined through the cumulative perceptions of our stakeholders, and in many ways is the personality and the promise of our University.

We cannot dictate our brand to the marketplace. We can only influence perceptions over time by thoughtfully shaping the brand through the comprehensive integration of our touchpoints and skillfully managing the experiences of our stakeholders.

Effective brand-shaping at Cal State Fullerton will help push us toward our aspirational market position, which arguably is the ultimate goal of marketing. This conceptual piece of the higher-education landscape is one that we can and should authentically own — a position that supports our academic program and our strategic plan, where our educational mission can best be fulfilled, that is exciting to our constituencies.

A research-derived, evidence-based aspirational positioning statement with its embedded themes is the beacon for editorial, design, media outreach, and other communications decision-making. It can also help inform broader operational or programmatic responses by the University.

You can learn more about the themes that guide our work on the Titans Reach Higher website.

To effectively express our personality and communicate our promise to the marketplace, we must be disciplined. To build trust and deeper connections with our stakeholders, we need to be clear and consistent in how we behave, look and sound. Even communications work with fairly narrow objectives, such as promoting a particular program or event, are reflections of the University as a whole.

Together, the Titans Reach Higher website and this Communications Resources website are tools for the campus community in managing our branding work, maintaining our brand's integrity and presenting the University to our publics.

Jeffrey D. Cook
Associate Vice President for Strategic Communications
September 2014