California State University, Fullerton

Internet Domain Names

Our Internet domain,, has significant equity in the higher-education marketplace and among our various stakeholder audiences.

Therefore, university departments and programs should use the domain and not purchase, use or promote any other domain name for CSUF-related content. Doing so can cause confusion among stakeholders; splinter search results; and hamper efforts to strengthen positive, cumulative perceptions of the university by diluting the strength of our core CSUF presence on the Internet.

There are some existing domain names in use that are “grandfathered-in” (such as and others that will be gradually wound-down due to the extent to which they’ve been promoted in the past. However, further acquisition, use and promotion of other domains for CSUF content is not permitted. The homepage is designed to allow website visitors to quickly access the type of information sought, and enhancements to homepage design and logical website navigation are ongoing.