California State University, Fullerton

Email Signatures

The appearance of your email signature – the optional block of text that appears at the bottom of a message – is a reflection on both your department/division and the university.

If you elect to use an email signature, it should be restricted to your name, title, the name of the university (California State University, Fullerton), appropriate contact information, and your department/program’s URL. You should refrain from accompanying graphics, quotes and any unofficial taglines. “Wallpaper” graphics behind the body of the email are similarly not permitted.

Dr. Jane Doe, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
California State University, Fullerton

657-278-1111 (fax)

You may use the university logo in your signature block, however do so with care. Only the official university logo or official logo with an extension treatment is permitted. If you attempt to shrink the logo to fit as part of your signature block, you must do so proportionally. Stretched or “squished” logos are not permitted. Also, keep in mind that graphics are lost if your message is received on or forwarded to a device that is not set to support images.

The official fonts of the university are Garamond and Helvetica Neue. Since these fonts are not always available to all users, “Times New Roman,” “Times,” or “Arial” are appropriate substitute typefaces.