California State University, Fullerton

University Fonts


The primary typefaces for the university are Adobe Garamond and Helvetica Neue-Regular. Both typefaces may be purchased from the Adobe website.

Adobe Garamond is the standard font for body text and is used in some headings. Adobe Garamond is also the font used in the university seal, logo and emblem. If you do not have Adobe Garamond, you may substitute Garamond.

Helvetica Neue-Regular is usually reserved for headings, captions, side vignettes and pull-quotes in official campus publications. Italic, medium, semi-bold and bold treatments are acceptable when appropriate. Condensed and extended versions should be used judiciously. If you do not have Helvetica Neue-Regular, you may substitute Helvetica or Arial.


Examples of Adobe Garamond and Helvetica Neue


For web use, the primary typefaces are Arial and Times New Roman. These fonts are chosen for their ubiquity, readability, consistency across browsers and compatibility with Helvetica Neue and Adobe Garamond.

Arial is used for main body text, subheads, links (both top level tabs, sidebar links and text links), and photo captions. "Times New Roman" is reserved for page titles, headers and headlines.