California State University, Fullerton

Freeway message board

Content most appropriate for the sign include promotional messages for Athletics, visual and performing arts, and other major events such as Commencement or Concert Under the Stars.

All messages must conform to provisions of the California Outdoor Advertising Act and the California Code of Regulations. Included in these provisions is the minimum time a message frame must be displayed (5 seconds), the prohibition of the use of motion in message displays, and the prohibition of certain language and images. 

Message requests will be declined if content: 

  • requires too many words and/or contains words that are too long or too technical;
  • contains congratulatory or celebration messages specific to any individual, department or division;
  • supports political or religious beliefs (e.g., "Vote yes on Measure X" or "Happy Easter!");
  • is of limited public interest; or
  • is deemed not to be in the best interests of the University.