California State University, Fullerton

Freeway message board

All messages must conform to provisions of the California Outdoor Advertising Act and the California Code of Regulations. Included in these provisions is the minimum time a message frame must be displayed (5 seconds), the prohibition of the use of motion in message displays, and the prohibition of certain language and images. At CSUF, content management for the sign is the responsibility of the Strategic Communications Department within the division of University Advancement. Requests for sign announcements will be considered if the desired message is in support of:

  • an annual all-university event such as Commencement, Concert Under the Stars or Front and Center;
  • Titan intercollegiate sports events for which admission is charged and for which tickets are on sale at a campus box office (e.g., soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, gymnastics or volleyball);
  • College of the Arts and/or Clayes Performing Arts Center events for which tickets are on sale at their box office (preference will be given to events with larger seating capacities);
  • a University Extended Education special program;
  • an annual event held by and at the Fullerton Arboretum;
  • major attractions held in the Titan Sports Complex but sponsored by an off-campus organization provided a fee is received for the message board service and the event is complementary to the goals and objectives of the university;
  • community college or CIF games played in the Titan Sports Complex (e.g., Fullerton College and Servite High), provided a fee is received for the message board service;
  • major Associated Student-sponsored attractions in the Titan Student Union that are open to the general public, provided a fee is received for the message board service;
  • University Advancement-related or other content as directed by the president or the vice president for University Advancement; or
  • official sponsors who have signed a contract with Daktronics and the university.

In addition, requests will be denied if the desired content:

  • requires too many words and/or contains words that are too long or too technical;
  • contains congratulatory or celebration messages specific to any individual, department or division;
  • supports political or religious beliefs (e.g., "Vote yes on Measure X" or "Happy Easter!");
  • is of limited public interest; or
  • is deemed not to be in the best interests of the university.