California State University, Fullerton



Letterhead, envelopes and business cards are reflections of the university. They must be created using official templates and must be ordered online through Reprographics.

Logo Extensions on Letterhead

Reprographics does not support the use of logo extensions on letterhead. If a campus entity (for which an extension treatment is authorized) chooses to use the extension treatment on letterhead, that entity must assume responsibility for independently negotiating and managing the stationery-ordering process and any resulting storage issues. Strategic Communications will be responsible only for providing the letterhead template and extension artwork to the client.


Letterhead and business cards must be printed in two colors. (Mass mailings are exempt from that requirement when necessary). Envelopes may be printed in either one or two colors, depending on the budget available. Memo forms, notepaper, mailing labels and internal forms may be printed in one or two colors.

MS Word Templates

Laser-printed stationery is acceptable only for limited on-campus use. MS Word versions of the letterhead may not be altered, except to reflect specific information such as telephone numbers and postal addresses. 

Student Business Cards

Business cards are available for some students of Mihaylo College. Contact Reprographics for more information. Only the authorized template available through Reprographics may be used for those student business cards, and without modification. Students may not use any component of the university identity system to independently produce business cards or any other publication for personal use.

Special Needs

Notecards or other special needs may be created in partnership with Strategic Communications.


To aid in production of stationery and business cards, here is a list of official post office boxes associated with the university. Use the ZIP Code of 92834, and reference to ascertain the appropriate +4 Code.

Main Post Office Box:
PO Box 34080

President's Office:
PO Box 6810

Academic Affairs and Academic Departments:
PO Box 4150
PO Box 6846
PO Box 6848
PO Box 6850
PO Box 6866
PO Box 6868
PO Box 6870

Administration and Finance:
PO Box 6808
PO Box 6804
PO Box 6806

Admissions and Records:
PO Box 6900

Associated Students:
PO Box 6826

PO Box 34060

Information Technology:
PO Box 6896

PO Box 340650

Student Affairs:
PO Box 6830

University Advancement:
PO Box 6826

Please contact the mailroom to verify your individual department PO Box assignment.


If you work in the College Park building, you may use the street address of 2600 Nutwood Avenue with your appropriate suite number. Use the ZIP Code of 92831, and use to ascertain the appropriate +4 Code.

Strategic Communications
2600 Nutwood Avenue, Suite 810
Fullerton, CA 92831-3112

If you work elsewhere on campus and need to use the street address of 800 N. State College Blvd. (and your appropriate building code and office number), use the ZIP Code of 92831-3547.