California State University, Fullerton

University Colors

The university's official colors are blue and white, along with an accent color of orange.

The color assignments in the visual identity program must not be altered.

The official blue is PMS 540 (process colors: 100% Cyan, 50% Magenta, 0% Yellow, 50% Black).

The official orange is PMS 152 (process colors: 60% Magenta, 100% Yellow).

When in need of a one-color version, black or university blue (PMS 540) should be used. A 'reversed' version (in white) is also available for instances when logo is used on a black background or on dark colors. This is the only reversed version that may be used. Do not invert other logos or create your own.

University Blue White University Orange

University Blue:
PMS 540
CMYK: 100/50/0/50


University Orange:
PMS 152
CMYK: 0/60/100/0