California State University, Fullerton

Visual Identity System

General Guidelines

These rules of usage include general and specific guidelines for print and electronic media.


An appropriate visual identity component must be used on all university print, online, electronic or video projects. No campus entity (i.e. colleges, divisions, departments, branch campuses, centers, etc.) is authorized to create and use its own visual identity solutions. No identity component or any of its elements may be incorporated into the symbol of another organization.

Minimum size example: Do not reduce stacked logo to less than 1 inch wide

Minimum reproduction sizes for print:

Horizontal Logo: Should not appear smaller than 1 3/8" in length to ensure legibility.
Stacked Logo: Should not appear smaller than 1" in length.
Emblem: Should not appear smaller than 1/2" in height.
Seal: Should not appear less than 7/8" in diameter.

Special web considerations:

An authorized webpage header should be positioned on top of all university webpages. The university's logo should be positioned at the bottom left corner to anchor the page as a footer. If you elect to use the university logo in other parts of the page, it should not be smaller than 195 pixels wide by 46 pixels tall. Download web-formatted university logo »

Example of protected area surrounding logo

Protected area (for print and web use):

Any identity component should always stand apart from its surroundings (text, graphics elements, etc.). For consistency, an area equal to the height of the "F" should always be maintained as a protected border.



Identity components may not be manipulated. The appearance of any typography or graphic element may not be altered in any way, nor may any element be removed, nor may proportions be altered causing an image that is either stretched or condensed. The elements have been designed to work together as a unit and are not to be used independently of each other. No identity component may appear at an angle, upside-down, vertically or in any way other than horizontally. Please view the section on 'Examples of Incorrect Usage' for detailed information and examples.


The university's official colors, blue and white, appear in identity solutions, along with an accent color of orange. The color assignments in the visual identity program must not be altered. The official blue is PMS 540 (process colors: 100% Cyan, 50% Magenta, 0% Yellow, 50% Black). The official orange is PMS 152 (process colors: 60% Magenta, 100% Yellow). When in need of a one-color version, black or university blue (PMS 540) should be used. A 'reversed' version (in white) is also available for instances when logo is used on a black background or on dark colors. This is the only reversed version that may be used. Do not invert other logos or create your own.

University Blue White University Orange

University Blue:
PMS 540
CMYK: 100/50/0/50


University Orange:
PMS 152
CMYK: 0/60/100/0