California State University, Fullerton

Visual Identity System

Examples of Incorrect Usage

The following examples of incorrect uses of components of the visual identity system provide further guidance on how to maintain the integrity of our identity program.

For more information or clarification, please contact Strategic Communications at 657-278-7694.


Example of separating the tree from the logo

1. Do not separate any graphic element, such as the tree, from any identity component to use as a stand-alone element. The university logo consists of both the tree graphics and full university name.


Example of recreating the logo

2. Do not recreate the images in any way, including changing the fonts used in any visual identity component.


Example of distorting the logo

3. Do not distort images, change proportions, or redraw images.

Also, do not reprint identity images from scans of previously printed materials.

Example of reprinting the logo


Example of distorting the logo

4. Do not render the logo in an angle or forced perspective.


Example of reconfiguring the design elements

5. Do not alter the configuration of the design elements in any way.


Example of printing an image too close to the logo

6. Do not print an image without enough space separating it from other design elements.


Example of printing logo over busy image

7. Do not print images over heavily textured graphic backgrounds or "busy" photographs, and do not superimpose images over text.


Example of using the logo within a sentence

8. Do not include images within a sentence or tagline.


Example of inverting the colors in the logo

9. Do not alter or invert any color assignments or add color fills for special uses.


Example of logo in low contrast screen

10. Do not reproduce images in a low-contrast screen or in any manner that results in poor readability.


Example of enlarging the logo

11. Do not attempt to enlarge images from existing artwork files, which will result in poor image quality. Only vector files can be enlarged beyond 100%.


Example of printing from a low-resolution web image

12. Do not download images from websites and attempt to use them in print material. Web graphics are formatted at low resolution and will not print properly


Example of replacing the tree with another graphic element

13. Do not replace or substitute an identity component with a photograph, clipart, or any other unauthorized image.


Examples of drop shadows and special effects

14. Do not add drop shadows, bevels, or any "special effects" to the authorized image.


Example of tiling the logo

15. Do not use an image as a decorative element, such as tiling.


Examples of positioning diagonally and vertically

16. Do not position an image at an angle or in vertical rotation. The logo should always be positioned horizontally.


Example of using the logo as a watermark on webpages

17. Do not use an as a watermark on your webpages. (In other words, do not screen the logo behind your text).


Example of incorporating another logo onto the CSUF logo

18. Do not attempt to incorporate any image or part of any image into the symbol of another organization.