California State University, Fullerton

Visual Identity System

Cal State Fullerton's visual identity system consists of a number of components, or tiers. This multi-tiered approach provides flexibility in choosing the treatment most appropriate for a given application. Core components of the university identity outside of imagery used for Athletics feature a tree that symbolizes academic and personal growth, knowledge and transformation. The fact that it is an orange tree recalls our past as a campus that grew from among the orange groves as well as our presence in Orange County. The mountain imagery, inspired by the ranges to the north and east, helps define our place in the world, while also representing strength and permanence. The sunrays convey a sense of vision, optimism and confidence in the future.

University Seal

The Seal

The seal is the most formal tier of the university's visual identity system. The seal is traditionally reserved for use by the university president and for use on diplomas, certificates, resolutions, formal recognition items, and major campus monuments. The university flag features the seal on a white background.


Stacked Logo

The Logo

The logo is a less formal and more versatile option appropriate for the majority of applications, from electronic media (websites, videos, PowerPoint, etc.) to printed publications to advertising. A "stacked" and "horizontal" version of the logo is available. In the stacked version, the tree image sits above the typography of the university name. In the horizontal version, the tree image sits to the left of the typography.

Horizontal Logo


Extension Logo

Logo with Extension Treatment

Logo extension treatments, which consist of an additional line of text integrated into the logo, are available for:

  • Colleges and schools
  • Divisions
  • Branch campuses or satellites
  • Auxiliaries
  • Centers or special programs that have significant external visibility and deal with a large number of off-campus stakeholders, and/or are cross-divisional or multidisciplinary in nature

The core brand identity of the university as a whole remains visually dominant over any component part of the institution that is represented in an extension treatment. No campus entity is authorized to create and use its own visual identity solutions. This does not preclude the use of appropriate typographical treatments–outside of any attempt to create a separate visual identity–in order to meet the needs of a particular print or online publication.

To request a logo extension, please contact Strategic Communications at 657-278-4848.

CSUF Emblem

CSUF Emblem

The CSUF emblem represents an informal tier of the identity system, commonly used for casual applications or for merchandise, and/or when it is clear that the "CSUF" in the emblem refers to California State University, Fullerton.


CSUF Wordmark

CSUF Wordmark

The wordmark tier of the visual identity system is reserved for applications where it is impractical or impossible to use the university logo or emblem, such as on certain types of embroidery that cannot reproduce the necessary detail or when the allocated space for a CSUF mark is too small. Wordmark extension treatments are also available from Strategic Communications for qualifying campus entities. See "Logo with Extension
Treatment" (above) for more information.


Athletics Logos

Additional elements of the visual identity system relate to the university's athletics program, such as the Titan shield featuring the elephant iconography, the circular "F" icon, and the "Titans" wordmark. These image solutions may only be used for athletics-related applications, with the exception of CSUF "spirit" items and merchandise or apparel designed for sale in the Titan Shops.

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Titan Shield – Color

Titans Athletics

Athletics 'Titans' wordmark

Cal State Fullerton Athletics

Cal State Fullerton Athletics wordmark

Athletics 'F' logo
Athletics 'F' icon

Adapted Uses for Web Elements


Web Header:

web header

Web Footer:

web footer

The campus web header and footer have been created and must be used on all university websites to unify the institution's web presence. Both elements are already included in all approved webpage templates using the OU Campus system.
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