California State University, Fullerton

Electronic Marquees

The campus operates several electronic marquees that may be appropriate when publicizing your news.

57 Freeway Message Board

If you would like to post an announcement on the freeway message board, please contact Mike Greenlee 
at 657-278-3081 or

All messages must conform to provisions of the California Outdoor Advertising Act and the California Code of Regulations. Included in these provisions is the minimum time a message frame must be displayed (5 seconds), the prohibition of the use of motion in message displays, and the prohibition of certain language and images.

Management of the sign including recognition of paid sponsorships on the sign is under the purview of the Auxiliary Services Corporation under agreement with the University.

Review the content guidelines for the freeway marquee »

TSU Electronic Marquee

For information on the electronic marquee at the Titan Student Union, contact Katie Meyers at 657-278-5870 or

Baseball Stadium Electronic Sign

For information on the electronic sign at Goodwin Field, contact Steve DiTolla at 657-278-7791 or