California State University, Fullerton

Printed Publications

Despite the increasing role of online communications over the past 15 years, printed publications are timeless and have inherent promotional advantages because of how they are distributed and how they can convey additional unspoken characteristics of an organization, program or event because of their physical, tactile nature.

Refer to best practices for developing printed publications for a detailed guide on this important communications platform.

Strategic Communications offers full service publication-development services including concept development, copywriting and editing, graphic design, photography, print-buying and vendor relations. We also provide consultations for pieces you develop independently, in part to ensure they are compliant with university standards.

There is no fee to on-campus clients for services completed by the Strategic Communications team. At-cost charges for services completed by off-campus vendors, such as printing, are billed directly to the client department.

Printing is considered a service by Contracts and Procurement. Therefore, you will need a purchase order to pay the vendor. In some instances you can use a procurement card, but only if you acquire a Q number. Please visit the Contracts and Procurement website for detailed information about buying print services.