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Generational Research

(Formerly the Young Emerging Professionals Initiative)

Organizations face major challenges with recruitment, retention, development and management of their young professionals, while navigating up to four generations in the workplace. These organizations often express the need for cross organizational collaborations and knowledge sharing, while creating a common forum to facilitate this process and prepare these young professionals to advance through the workforce pipeline. CLASSROOMS2BOARDROOMS addresses these challenges, as it focuses on generational workplace issues from the perspective of young professionals. Topics covered by the initiative include talent management, retention, as well as employee and leadership pipeline development. The Initiative also provides immense value by distributing its sponsored studies to a broad range of companies and their employees, as well as to a nationwide network of university career centers, college students and alumni associations.

Publications and activities related to this topic include:

  • Gen Y Perceptions Study
    This study captures the self perceptions of young professionals and analyzes the gap between their perceptions and that of older generations of managers regarding young employees. Phase One of the study examines these issues from a quantitatively perspective, and Phase Two of the study will measure qualitatively, via focus groups and interviews, the survey results from Phase One.
    Council The CLASSROOMS2BOARDROOMS Council consists of representatives from 20 organizations selected by their executives. These council members are leaders in their organizations who show high potential and have the support of their company executives. The Executive Advisory Board is comprised of executives from multiple organizations, chosen to participate in the initiative based on their willingness to invest in young professionals, to participate in surveys, to share best practices for professional development of young employees and to promote intergenerational discussions.
  • The Guide to Managing and Developing Young Professionals
    This ground-breaking, multi-generational guide shatters many widely held myths about young professionals and provides a data-driven approach to attracting and retaining top talent from this generation (Gen Y, born between 1979 and 1995), and how they differ from their older colleagues in the workplace. The Guide includes best practices across leading employers consistent with the research, as well as practical advice and strategies. Click here to download a copy of the Guide to Managing and Developing Young Professionals, sponsored by Northrop Grumman.
  • Networking, Influence & Strategic Relationships (NISR) Program
    Concurrent with the study, our partner, Spectrum Knowledge, provides advanced training for young professionals through the Networking, Influence & Strategic Relationships (NISR) Program. Geared towards preparing this emerging generation of employees for advancement in the workplace, the program addresses both employee and organizational needs. Click here to find out more about the NISR program including schedule, curriculum, and how to enroll.

    For more information about these generational initiatives, please contact Vu Pham, Principal, Spectrum Knowledge at

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