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Summary of Student Conduct Procedures

The Board of Trustees of the California State University is authorized by the Education Code to establish student conduct procedures. The President of California State University, Fullerton has designated the Associate Dean of Students, Judicial Affairs, as the university’s Student Conduct Administrator. The Associate Dean is responsible for administering the student conduct system and implementing the following procedures as mandated in Executive Order No. 1073, Student Conduct Procedures for The California State University and President’s Directive No. 9, Policy Regarding the Use of Attorneys in Student Conduct Proceedings for California State University, Fullerton.


  1. The Associate Dean receives from University Police, a faculty member or other member of the University community a written report regarding an alleged violation of the University Student Conduct Code.
  2. The Associate Dean begins an investigation.
  3. The Associate Dean notifies the student in writing of the allegations against him/her.
  4. The student has an opportunity to meet with the Associate Dean or designee.
    1. The Associate Dean may dismiss the complaint; or
    2. The student may accept a Voluntary Administrative Review by not disputing the allegation, waiving the right to a hearing and accepting the sanctions accessed. If a resolution is reached, the agreement is put in writing and signed by the student and the Associate Dean; or
    3. The student may deny the allegation and request a hearing.
  5. The Associate Dean sends the student a Notice of Hearing.
    1. The student may accept the recommended sanction(s) stated in the Notice of Hearing. If a resolution is reached, the agreement is put in writing and signed by the student and the Associate Dean; or
    2. The student may not accept the recommended sanction(s) and a hearing will be held.
  6. The hearing is held.
  7. The Hearing Officer submits a recommendation to the President.
  8. After reviewing the Hearing Officer’s recommendation, the President makes the final decision regarding disciplinary action.
  9. The President notifies the student of the decision.


  1. Sanctions, which may be assessed, include but are not limited to: warning, disciplinary probation, restitution, educational seminars, suspension or expulsion.
  2. If sanctions are assessed, a confidential student conduct file will be established and maintained by Judicial Affairs in the Dean of Students Office for a minimum of seven years.

Disciplinary Records

When a student has been found responsible for a violation of university standards through the Dean of Students Office, Judicial Affairs, a disciplinary record (separate from the student’s academic record) will be maintained in a confidential file in the Dean of Students Office, Judicial Affairs. If a student is expelled from the University, the file is kept permanently. Probation and suspension are noted on the student’s academic record during the term of the probation or suspension. A permanent notation will be made on the student’s academic record if he or she is expelled from the University or suspended for longer than one academic year.


Copies of the following University policies are available in the Dean of Students Office, Titan Student Union, Room #235, as well as on-line at


Questions concerning the discipline process should be directed to:

Sandra Rhoten, Associate Dean for Judicial Affairs
Dean of Students Office - Division of Student Affairs
California State University, Fullerton
Titan Student Union, Room #235
(657) 278-4436 / (657) 278-8173 FAX

This summary is not the official statement on University policies and/or procedures
Please refer to the above documents for comprehensive information (124)

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