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Guide to Resolving Student Concerns
If you are a student with a concern, problem, or conflict regarding a faculty or staff member, this guide is designed to act as a resource for you to refer to while pursuing resolution.

This reference guide includes information from University Policy Statements 300.000 and 300.030, which can be found through the University Website

Read through the information carefully.

Steps to Resolution
If your concern does not regard a grade you received in a class, the steps below are designed to guide you through the resolution process. If your concern, problem, or conflict does regard a grade, please see “Does Your Concern Regard a Grade in a Class?”

1. Speak with the faculty or staff member. Set up a meeting with the person with whom you have an issue or concern. Bring a written statement outlining the issue and what, you feel, would resolve the issue. If you do not feel satisfied, the faculty or staff member is unresponsive, or you do not feel comfortable approaching the faculty or staff member about this concern…
2. Meet with the department chair or coordinator. Meet with the faculty department chair or staff member’s direct supervisor. Bring your written statement and describe your concern, problem, or conflict and why you were not satisfied with the meeting with the faculty or staff person. If you do not feel satisfied…
3. Contact the Dean’s office or the office of the appropriate Vice President. Each academic college at Cal State Fullerton has a Dean. Your Dean may refer you to the Associate Dean or the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. If the concern, problem, or conflict occurs outside your College, contact the Dean of the appropriate College. Another option is to contact the appropriate Vice President. Bring your written statement and describe your concern, problem, or conflict.

For more information refer to University Policy Statement 300.00
Be Prepared
During this process, you may be asked to describe your issue or concern and what you feel would resolve the issue. It is recommended that you have a clear and concise answer.

Before starting the resolution process, write down your reason for beginning the resolution process and what you want out of this experience. Be clear and specific.

Does Your Concern Regard a Grade in a Class?
For concerns regarding a grade in a class, please refer to University Policy Statement 300.030. There are two types of concerns addressed within this document: academic dishonesty and appeals regarding capricious or arbitrary assignment of a grade. Be sure to read about the timing of the academic appeals process (Section C of the University Policy Statement).

This document can be found by:
1. Entering "300.030" in the serch box on the CSUF homepage
2. By using the following links:

How do I get advice about the resolution process?
Some resources include:
1. Dean of Students Office
Titan Student Union, Room 235
(657) 278-3211
2. Assistant Deans for Student Affairs are available to give advice about how to approach a faculty member, help you prepare your written statement, and answer questions in regards to an academic complaint. For a roster by College:
3. The Vice President for Student Affairs Office
Langsdorf Hall 805
(657) 278-3221
4. Many other counselors and advisors on campus can give you advice about this process
5. The University Catalog has information about the resolution process. You can find the University Catalog online at:
6. The Student Handbook and Planner also has information to help guide you through the process. You can find the Student Handbook and Planner online at:
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