Behavioral Intervention Team

About Us

Under the leadership of the Dean of Students, the CSUF Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) serves as the centralized body for discussion and coordinated action regarding disruptive, problematic, or concerning student behavior. The BIT responds to non-emergency concerns and uses a proactive approach to discuss potential problems, intervene early, and develop appropriate courses of action for referred students. The goal is to support students who may be in distress or whose behavior is of concern to others before they rise to crisis levels.

The BIT shares membership with Title IX, Workplace Violence, and Threat Assessment committees and is thus tasked with sharing information regarding crisis situations and cases.

BIT Members

Core members of the team include a representative from:

  • Care Services
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Dean of Students Office
  • Disability Support Services
  • Student Conduct
  • University Police

 Other departments including but are not limited to: Academic Affairs, Human Resources, Diversity, and Inclusion, International Programs, Housing and Residential Engagement, Title IX, and Legal Counsel to name a few. Staff from these departments may be invited to attend a BIT meeting for consultation and assessment to address or resolve certain referrals.


The BIT performs multiple functions:

1. Ad-hoc Consultation and Assessment

The BIT meets weekly to consult on, assess, and triage referrals for students who display troubling or worrisome behaviors.  This function includes the following:

  • Gather and analyze information
  • Assess needs of those impacted
  • Determine and implement plans for individuals of concern, including both immediate and ongoing strategies
  • Provide and make referrals for advice, support, and assistance

2. Follow-up and Reporting

Staff follow up on referrals and report outcomes to BIT and appropriate staff.  The BIT generates an annual report that includes pertinent data about the types of cases and referrals made each academic year. 

3. Case and Policy Review

The BIT reviews various cases, discusses policy and protocol implications, and makes recommendations to administrators.

4. Campus Training

The BIT develops and implements training for faculty and staff.


BIT Goals:

To lead a collaborative multidisciplinary effort that promotes health and safety for all members of the campus community;

To develop strategies that best utilize campus and community resources to assist students, faculty, and staff and provide early intervention for problem behaviors;

To be a resource for students, faculty, staff and administrators;

To generate training and awareness programs for all members of the CSUF campus