Behavioral Intervention Team

Make a Referral

The Report a Student Concern form allows students, staff, faculty, and CSUF community members to refer non-emergency concerning behavior exhibited by a student.

When to Refer / What to Look For

Different signs of distress could raise concerns. These may be behaviors that you observe or that are reported to you by students, faculty, staff, or visitors.  Examples of circumstances that would be appropriate for a referral and outreach may include, but are not limited to, instances where a student…

  • Appears to be struggling academically or is not attending classes regularly
  • Reports feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable transitioning to campus
  • Experiences feelings of isolation, loneliness, or disconnection from peers
  • Writes about threats to harm self or others
  • Going through family problems, relationship problems/a break-up
  • Experiences the loss of a loved one
  • Lacks a social support network
  • Constantly asks for help with personal problems that are beyond the scope of your role or expertise
  • Is consistently or chronically anxious, stressed, or depressed
  • May otherwise benefit from a personal referral or other personalized outreach to connect the student with support resources available on campus

How to File a Referral

You can make a referral  in three ways:

  1. Simply click here to be directed to the online referral form
  2. Call Dean of Students office at (657) 278-3211
  3. Make a referral or inquiry via email:

Please note: clinical counseling services are not provided by Dean of Students staff. Clinical referrals should be made directly to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

Immediate or Imminent Concerns

If a student’s conduct is clearly or imminently reckless, disorderly, dangerous, or threatening to self or others, please call 911 or University Police at (657) 278-2515.

For crisis counseling, CAPS counselors are available 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday to assist with urgent situations, emergencies or serious crises related to psychological concerns. Students in crisis may walk in to CAPS (or may be walked to CAPS by a faculty, staff, or a student) during these hours and will be seen by a counselor in a timely manner.

For mental health emergencies after business hours, students may speak with a live counselor by calling (657) 278-3040. In the event of an extreme mental health emergency or life-threatening situation, it is recommended that the student (or faculty and staff) call 9-1-1, University Police at (657) 278-2515 or go to their local emergency room.

Uncertain about making a referral?
Need advice or a consultation?

Contact the Dean of Students staff at (657) 278-3211 for consultation to talk through your concerns and discuss the issues that are making you consider submitting a referral.

BIT Goals:

To lead a collaborative multidisciplinary effort that promotes health and safety for all members of the campus community;

To develop strategies that best utilize campus and community resources to assist students, faculty, and staff and provide early intervention for problem behaviors;

To be a resource for students, faculty, staff and administrators;

To generate training and awareness programs for all members of the CSUF campus