Behavioral Intervention Team

Why Be Concerned?

Attending university is an exciting and dynamic experience that can include making lifelong friends, engaging in exciting intellectual pursuits, and participating in the campus community. It is a time to grow in self-awareness and to develop a sense of adult identity.

It may also be a time of great stress. Balancing family, work, financial and other obligations may tax a student’s coping skills. When stress is severe, it may lead to physical and emotional distress and academic failure.

Dean of Students staff offers intervention and guidance to students who: a) seek assistance for themselves or b) students who are referred as a result of exhibiting concerning behavior. 

If you are interested in obtaining Care services or in making a referral for services, contact Carmen Curiel, Assistant Dean of Students, or (657) 278-3211. Referrals can also be submitted through use of the online formOpens in new window . Referrals can be submitted by a student, parent, faculty, staff, administrator, or other concerned party looking to assist a student.

BIT Goals:

To lead a collaborative multidisciplinary effort that promotes health and safety for all members of the campus community;

To develop strategies that best utilize campus and community resources to assist students, faculty, and staff and provide early intervention for problem behaviors;

To be a resource for students, faculty, staff and administrators;

To generate training and awareness programs for all members of the CSUF campus