Student Conduct

The Student Conduct team promotes academic integrity, student rights and responsibilities, and standards of conduct for the University community.

Student Conduct is responsible for investigating alleged violations of the Student Conduct Code and for adjudicating complaints in a fair and consistent manner. This includes receiving reports of alleged misconduct, ensuring that students receive due process and fair treatment throughout the hearing process, and maintaining students' disciplinary records. Additionally, Student Conduct staff is committed to informing students of their rights as members of the university community and educating them regarding the responsibilities they have to themselves and the other members of the university community.

Individuals who believe that a violation of the student code of conduct has occurred may contact the Student Conduct team in the Dean of Students Office to discuss options available for reporting incidents to the appropriate authorities on campus.

 Mission Statement

By approaching misconduct as an opportunity for holistic student development, the Office of Student Conduct fosters student learning, assists students in repairing harm caused from their actions, and facilitates opportunities for them to restore well-being within themselves, the campus community, and society.

 Student Conduct Philosophy

The students, faculty, and staff of California State University, Fullerton form an academic community in which learning for all can be enhanced. To maintain this community, its members establish standards of behavior for all members. These standards are developed within the framework of the specific interests and needs of an   educational community, while maintaining compatibility with the external laws that govern the community's relationship with city, county, state, and federal authorities.

When students enroll at CSUF, they voluntarily choose to associate with the University and therefore are bound by the   responsibilities as well as the rights of that membership. Every student has responsibility for maintaining the standards of the CSUF community and for protecting the rights of other members.

Students at CSUF are considered to be maturing adults, capable of making their own decisions as well as accepting the consequences for those decisions. The student conduct system has been established to handle   allegations involving inappropriate behavior   of students at California State University, Fullerton. This system assists in resolving conflicts and promotes a positive educational community. The goals are to help provide students with tools for success, hold students accountable for their behavior, assist students in understanding the impacts of their behavior on others and themselves, assist students in learning more appropriate behavior, and promote a safe and healthy environment for all members of the community.

Contact us

Student Conduct, Dean of Students Office

Titan Student Union - Room 243
Phone: (657) 278-4436