California State University, Fullerton

CSUF’s Commitment to Student Engagement

California State University, Fullerton provides a holistic education where learning occurs in and out of the classroom. Curricular and co-curricular experiences exist to optimize learning and to create active participation by students at the university. Through these experiences, students develop a commitment to intellectual inquiry, prepare for challenging professions, strengthen relationships to their community and contribute productively to society. Curricular programs combine the best of current practice, theory, and research to integrate professional studies with applied learning experiences. Co-curricular experiences engage students in planned and purposeful learning outside of the formal curriculum that supports the exploration, application and mastery of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Combined, these experiences foster collaborative relationships, professional success, a vibrant campus life, active civic participation, and engaged alumni. Curricular and co-curricular experiences affirm the university’s commitment to student engagement in diverse learning opportunities that positively contribute to students’ success.
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Titan's Leaving their Footprint @ CSUF

Did you know that when you get involved at CSUF you contribute to academic and student life?
CSUF students and alumni “leave their footprint @ CSUF” everyday by assuming leadership positions, coordinating activities, being decision makers, and serving the university and the surrounding community. This is your university. Strive to make a difference and shape your campus community by getting involved. When you do, you will make CSUF a better place for yourself, your peers, and for future generations of Titans. The possibilities are endless. How do you want to “leave your footprint @ CSUF? 
Visit your Titan Student Involvement Center to read about fellow Titans leaving their footprint at CSUF.