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Step 4: Reflect

Once you get involved and track your activities, take time to think about what you’ve learned, the knowledge you’ve acquired, and the skills you’ve developed through your experiences. Reflecting on your experiences will help you understand the true value of your involvement and how you may have grown academically, personally and professionally.

Here are some questions that may assist you in this reflection stage:

  1. Which skills did I use / develop during my involvement?
  2. How would I rate myself on these skills before my involvement? How would I now rate myself on these skills after my involvement?
  3. What have I learned through my experience?
  4. Did I receive any specialized training?

The Titan Pride e-Portfolio (coming soon) is an excellent tool to use to reflect on your involvement experiences. Use the e-Portfolio to reflect on the skills and knowledge gained from your involvement activities. Add details about the activities tracked on your Titan Pride Record. Add experiences that cannot be tracked on your record. Visit the “My Involvements” section of the Titan Student Involvement Center to access your Titan e-Portfolio tools. The center is assessable through your student portal.

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