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SafeSpace Ally List

The purpose of the LGBT SafeSpace Program is to increase awareness of LGBT issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students and foster a campus climate that promotes the academic and personal success of LGBT persons.

The role of the SafeSpace Ally includes:

  • Listening openly, non-judgmentally, and with empathy
  • Providing support and resources (including on and off-campus referrals)
  • Stressing that homophobia and discrimination based on sexual orientation is harmful to the campus community
  • Making oneself available and visible to connect with our LGBT students
First Name
Last Name
Campus Address
1 Ryan Alcantara Associate Vice President Student Affairs LH-805E
2 Maricela Alvarado Acting Assistant Dean of Students College of the Arts VA 199C
3 Elahe Amani  Director   Technology Services for Student Affairs  LH 700I
4 Rachel  Amaro  Administrative Support Assistant, II History H-815F
5 Jordan Aquino Instructor  Health Science KHS 106F
6 Laura Archer Serials and Electronic Resources  Pollak Library PLS-339L
7 Shelly Arsneault Associate Professor Political Science UH-535
8 Caroline Bailey Assistant Professor  Social Work EC-414
9 Justine Baldacci Safety Specialist  Environmental Health and Safety T-1482
10 Tara Barnhart  Lecturer Secondary Education CP-600-23
11 Joao Barros Assistant Professor  Kinesiology KHS-230
12 Kristin Beals Associate Professor  Psychology H-710M
13 Mary Becerra Interim Director  WoMen's Center UH-205
14 Meri Beckham  Facultry Educational Leadership CP 520
15 Rosalind Blackstar  Full-Time Staff Disability Support Services UH-101
16 Rob Bodeen Graduation Unit Supervisor  Admissions & Records LH-114
17 Dave Botsford Clinical Psychologist/Sport Psychologist  CAPS SCHH E-129
18 Richard Boucher Chief Staff Physician  Student Health and Counseling Center SHCC-W-120
19 William Breitbach  Full-Time Faculty Library PLN-323
20 Jill Brower Financial Aid Counselor  Financial Aid (IRVC) IRVC Office 118
21 Adrienne Brown Outreach Coordinator  STEM/NSM MH 527
22 Jennifer Burnaford Assistant Professor  Biological Sciences MH-286A
23 Victoria Cafasso Student Academic Services Counselor  Student Academic Services/ILE/EOP UH-232
24 Nicole Calucag  CMS Project Assistant CMS Project PLS-292
25 Rosalina Camacho Coordinator Women's Cultural Resource Center WoMen's Center UH-205
26 Julia Cappelli Assistant Director  Academic Advisement UH-125B
27 Marisol Cardenas Special Education Department Coordinator  Special Education CP 570-04
28 Cathy Carreiro  Licensed Physical Therapist Student Health and Counseling Center SHCC-E-102
29 Christina Carroll-Pavia Training Coordinator & Staff Psychologist Counseling & Psychological Services SHCC-E-125
30 Kellee Carter-Scales Full-Time Staff  Steven G. Mihaylo College of Business SGMH-4210G
31 Evelyn Case Full-Time Faculty  Theatre and Dance CPAC-189
32 Michelle Chang Humanities & Social Sciences/Gov't Industry Specialist Career Center LH-207E
33 Sharon Chappell Assistant Professor  Elementary and Bilingual Education EC 358
34 Minerva Chavez  Assistant Professor Secondary Education CP 600-20
35 David Christian Lecturer  Women Studies Program H-212
36 Serena Cline  Senior Coordinator New Student Programs UH-179C
37 Raquel Clovery Admissiosn Assistant  College of Education CP-540-03
38 Berlyn Cobian  Teaching Associate English and Comparative Literature LH-536
39 Jim Collison  Assistant Professor Communications CP 460-12
40 Tannise Collymore Administrative Support Assistant  Anthropology Department MH-426B
41 William Concepcion  Psychologist Counseling & Psychological Services SHCC-E-132
42 Jeffrey Cook Associate Vice President/Chief Communications Officer  Strategic Communications CP-820-10
43 Teresa Crawford Full-Time Faculty  Elementary and Bilingual Education EC-372
44 Jennifer Crum Graduate Nursing Advisor  Department of Nursing EC-182C
45 Michelle Cuellar Program Analyst C-REAL CP-620
46 Carmen Curiel Director  Multicultural Leadership Center, LMDP TSU-235C
47 Lana Dalley  Associate Professor/Department Chair English & Comparative Literature UH-323B
48 Cindy Davis Administrative Support  Teacher Education CP-600
49 Anthony Davis Jr.  Electronic Resources and Copyright Librarian Pollak Library PLS-348
50 Rebecca Dolhinow Associate Professor  Women's Studies Program H-212G
51 Damion Donaldson Career Development Advisor Mihaylo College of Business and Economics SGMH-1409
52 Bridget Driscoll Management  Academic Advisement UH-125A
53 Patti Duncan Administrative Analyst/HR Coordinator  College of Humanities and Social Sciences  H-211B
54 Russ Espinoza Assistant Professor  Psychology H-725H
55 Nancy Page Fernandez  Director Freshman Programs LH 216
56 Brooke Fessler Full-Time Staff  Central Development/University Advancement CP-850-13
57 Vanessa Figueroa Administrative Support Assistant  Nursing Department EC 182
58 Robert Flores Coordinator  Student Affairs (IRVC) IRVC Office 117
59 Lauren Fournier Licensed Psychologist  CAPS SHCCW 139B
60 Dave Garcia-Gomez Operating System Analyst  College of Education CP 540-6
61 Gary Germo  Assistant Professor Human Services EC 458
62 Aaron Goetz Assistant Professor Psychology H-725G
63 Joseph Gonzalez  Assistant Professor Liberal Studies H-223L
64 Jaime Hamilton Counselor  Financial Aid UH-167
65 Veronica Hartmann Outreach Counselor  University Counselor LH 540
66 Sara Head Project Coordinator  Special Education CP 570-6
67 Nicholas Henning Assistant Professor  Secondary Education CP-600-18
68 Kristina Hernandez  Building Engineer Associated Students Inc. TSU-045
69 Darany Hoang Health Educator  Student Health and Counseling Center SHCCW-102B
70 Leigh Hobson  Full-Time Lecturer Child and Adolescent Studies EC-582
71 Erin Hollis Assistant Professor  English Department UH-404
72 Janette Hyder  EOP Counselor Student Academic Services UH 129
73 John Ibson  Professor American Studies UH-419
74 Robert Istad  Director of Choral Studies Music CPAC-239
75 Karen Ivers Associate Dean  College of Education CP-500-08
76 Anne James Assistant Professor Theatre of Dance CPAC 266
77 Lea Jarnagin  Associate Vice President Student Affairs
78 Jessie Jones Chair and Professor  Health Science KHS 121
79 Pat Keig  Associate Professor Elementary & Bilingual Education EC-384
80 Karyl Ketchum Assistant Professor  Women's Studies H-212-D
81 Juline Killian Administrative Support Coordinator  Judicial Affairs TSU-235
82 Janna Kim  Assistant Professor Child and Adolescent Studies EC-576
83 Kristin J. Kleinjans Assistant Professor  Economics SGMH-3349
84 Ellen Kottler Lecturer  Secondary Education CP-600-26
85 Joy Lambert  Librarian Library - Administration PLN-124
86 Mary Lehn-Mooney Graduate Advisor  Nursing Department EC-182D
87 Paul Levesque  Associate Professor Comparative Religion UH-315
88 Lea Beth Lewis Assistant Director  University Learning Center PLN 221
89 Yashu Liang Counselor/Faculty Licensed Psychologist  Counseling & Psychological Services SHCC-E-119
90 Patricia Literte  Assistant Professor Sociology CP-900-42
91 Doug Liverpool  Learning Disability/Mental Health Specialist Disabled Support Services UH-101
92 Jarret Lovell  Associate Professor Criminal Justice UH-539
93 Michelle Lucio Academic Advisor  Mihaylo College of Business and Economics IRVC Office 113
94 Jennifer Mahlke Part-Time Faculty  Human Communication Studies CP-650-13
95 Amy Manfrini  Instructor/Counselor Human Services/CAPS IRVC Office 147
96 Andreus Mangahas Outreach, Faculty Recruitment Asst.  Diversity & Equity Programs CP-770
97 Raven L. Mansen  Graphic Designer/Web Coordinator Irvine Campus IRVC1-157
98 Larry Martin Interim Director  Housing & Residence Life Holly 162C
99 Cindy Martinez Licensed Psychologist, Outreach Coordinator  Counseling & Psychological Services SHCC-E-117
100 Miguel Martinez Career Center  Career Center LH-208
101 Solomon Massin II Case Manager/Counselor Counseling and Psychological Services SHCC W-139A
102 Amy Mattern Assistant Dean  College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics MH-488B
103 Regina Matthews Administrative Coordinator  Student Academic Services UH-138A
104 Diane Mazzey Graduate Programs Advisor  Mihaylo College of Business and Economics SGMH-4210F
105 Robert McLain Assistant Professor  History H 825K
106 Jack Mearns Department Chair  Psychology H-710O
107 Deanna Merino Director  President's Scholars CP 1060-07
108 Valerie Minchala  Counselor Counseling and Psychological Services SHCC 131
109 Connie Moreno  Assistant Coordinator Freshman Programs LH 216
110 Charlotte Morgutia  Administrative Support Coordinator Mechanical Engineering Dept E-100
111 Kathryn Morrissey  Program Assistant International Education & Exchange UH-244C
112 Ken Nash  Counselor Counseling and Psychological Services SHCC-E-123
113 Laura Neal Industry Specialist Career Center LH-208
114 Aimee Nelson Assistant Dean  College of Education CP-500-3
115 Angela Nguyen Assistant Professor  Psychology H 725C
116 Krystyl Nottage Events, Marketing & Social Media Specialist  Career Center LH-208
117 Carmela Ocampo Outreach Counselor  University Outreach LH-563
118 Trista O'Connell  Lecturer American Studies UH-313
119 Stephen O'Connor Assistant Professor History H-820J
120 Heather Osborne-Thompson  Assistant Professor Radio-TV-Film CP-650-13
121 Claire Palmerino Associate Dean of Administration  College of Humanities and Social Sciences H-211F
122 David Palmquist  Programmer/Analyst Career Center LH-210D
123 Linda Patton Director  Office of Extramural Funding Opportunities MH-103
124 Jessie Peissig  Assistant Professor Psychology H-710L
125 Hilda Pelaez  Health Record Lead Student Health and Counseling Center SHCC-W-194
126 Marisa Perez Parent Programs Coordinator  New Student Programs UH 178
127 Patricia Perez  Associate Professor Chicano and Chicana Studies H-312G
128 Annie Petrossian Psychologist  Student Health and Counseling Center SHCC-E-133
129 Robert Pierce Administrative Support Coordinator Center for Internships and Community Engagement LH 206
130 Angel Pineda  Assistant Professor Mathematics MH 154
131 Martha Poledna  Office Manager Dean of Students Office TSU-237
132 Kathleen Preston Assistant Professor  Psychology H-725D
133 Adolfo Prieto Reference & Instruction Librarian  Library PLN-224
134 Anthony Ragazzo Director ASI Leader and Program Development Associated Students Inc. TSU-269
135 Carter Rakovski Assistant Professor/Vice Chair  Sociology CP-900-08
136 Mark Ramont Associate Professor  Theater and Dance CPAC-140
137 Juanita Razo Interim Director  New Student Programs UH-178
138 Mary Read Director of Clinical Training  Counseling EC-484
139 Jessica Reyes  Academic Counselor Student Support Services UH 179
140 Lorraine Rigoli  Office Manager Career Center LH 205A
141 Amanda Ritter  Administrative Support II Nursing Department EC 190
142 Tammy Rogers Advisement Center Coordinator  College of Communications CP-425-02
143 Victor Rojas  Coordinator, Student Employment Program Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs LH-809
144 Ruth Romano Teaching Associate  Human Communications LH 403C
145 Sandy Santillan  Supervisor College of Education, Admission of Teacher Ed CP 540
146 Christine Scher Assistant Professor  Psychology H-710F
147 Aliah Seay Coordinator of Support Services  Disability Support Services UH 101
148 Mia Sevier Professor  Human Services EC-458
149 Farifteh Shahbazian Graduate Senior Advisor  Mihaylo College of Business and Economics SGMH 1101
150 Anne Shanhan Admission Assistant  Admission to Teacher Education CP 540
151 Carolyn Sidejas Administrative Support Coordinator  Academic Advisement UH-125
152 Dennis Siebenaler  Associate Professor Music CPAC-243
153 Andi Sims  Interim Director Student Life & Leadership TSU 245
154 Joan Smith Professor  Sociology CP-900-35
155 Linda Smith Budget Coordinator  Nursing Department EC-194G
156 Stephanie Smith Advisor, Pre-Licensure RN Program  Nursing Department EC 182
157 Georgia Spiropoulos Assistant Professor  Division of Politics, Administration & Justice UH 546
158 Kathy Spofford Associate Director  Student Health and Counseling Center SHCC-W-142
159 Kristen Stang  Associate Professor Special Education CP 570
160 Kirsten Stava Operations Manager  Associated Students Inc. TSU-130
161 Karen Stocker Assistant Professor  Anthropology UH 214
162 Dallas Stout Part-Time Faculty  Child and Adolescent Studies and Counseling EC-507
163 Cassandra Stringer  Counselor Counseling and Psychological Services SHCC-E-121
164 Elizabeth Suarez Coordinator  Chicana/o Resource Center PLS-170A
165 Heather Sutherland Executive Assistant  Associated Students, CSUF, Inc. TSU-218
166 Bruce Swanlund  Adjunct Lecturer English LH-521
167 Sue Sy Assistant Professor  Psychology H-835L
168 Jo'ie Taylor  Jumpstart Program Coordinator Center for Internships and Community Engagement LH-212C
169 Sarah Taylor Teaching Associate  Biological Sciences MH 383
170 Heather Terry  Administrative Coordinator Elementary & Bilingual Education EC-326
171 Stephanie Thames  Office Assistant Child and Adolescent Studies EC 503
172 Nicole Thorn Learning Disability/Mental Health Specialist  Disability Support Services UH-116
173 Saul Tobias Assistant Professor  Liberal Studies H-223H
175 Jennifer Trevitt Professor  Psychology H-830K
176 Heather Tunender  Collection and Processing Services Unit Head Pollak Library PLS-337
177 Roberta Valentine AVCMC Coordinator  Pollak Library - AVCMC PLN-443
178 Nicole Virtucio  Coordinator ASI Program Support TSU-269
179 Jim Volz  Full-Time Faculty Theatre and Dance CPAC-130
180 Penny Weismuller  Assistant Professor Nursing EC-194H
181 Rochelle Woods Interim Director  University Learning Center PLN-209
182 Kevin Wortman  Assistant Professor Computer Science CS-538
188 Emeline Yong Assistant Dean  Mihaylo College of Business and Economics SGMH-1507
189 Laura Zettel-Watson Assistant Professor  Psychology H-710H