Dean's Certification

What is a Dean's Certification?

A Dean’s Certification (or disciplinary clearance) is a verification of your student conduct record. This verification is usually requested by law schools, medical schools, travel abroad programs, state bar associations, government agencies, or independent agencies when you are applying for admissions or employment. This is NOT a certification of your attendance at Cal State Fullerton or transcript. For that, you will need to visit the   Registrar’s office.Opens in new window Opens in new window

Typically, the institution or agency you are applying to or seeking employment from will provide you with a Dean’s Certification (or disciplinary clearance) document that will need to be completed by a University Administrator. Please make sure to complete the form accurately. Incomplete or inaccurate information will delay the processing of this document.

Requesting a Dean’s Certification

1. Electronically:

If the institution or agency will accept the Dean's Certification via email, you may request a Dean’s Certification by filling out the following online request form.

If the Dean's Certification    needs to be mailed to the institution or agency you must request the Dean's Certification in person or via mail. 

2. In-Person:

You may request a Dean’s Certification in person by coming to the Dean of Students Office, located on the second floor of the Titan Student Union-243. Please bring with you the following:

  1. Your contact information, email, CWID, and cell phone number
  2. The completed document provided by the prospective institution or place of employment;
  3.  A stamped No. 10 standard envelope addressed to each institution or place of employment;

3. Via Mail: 

You may mail all of the documents to the address below.

Attention: Dean's Certification
Dean of Students Office
TSU 243 Student Center
800 N. State College Blvd
Fullerton, CA 92831

The processing time to complete the Dean’s Certification is approximately 5-7 business days from the    receipt   of your request. Dean’s Certifications will be mailed or emailed directly to the institution or agency. Please ensure that you have included all of the necessary documents, if any documents are missing or incomplete this will delay the processing of your Dean’s Certification.

If you have questions please contact the Dean of Students Office at (657) 278-3211 or