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Step 1: Plan
Develop a plan which will serve as a guide for your personal exploration. Consider what skills you want to develop, as well as your academic and career goals, hobbies and special interests. Explore various opportunities here at Cal State Fullerton, as well as off campus. Identify areas of interest and participate in related activities

Below are some ideas of skills you may want to develop or fine tune and suggested co-curricular activities. In fact, these areas are often listed as the top skills that employers desire in candidates. Considering the skill areas listed below will help you plan your co-curricular involvement and determine which activities you want to pursue. These are only samples; there are many other skills you might want to develop and plenty of other experiences available on and off campus for you to consider.
  • Leadership Skills:Become a peer mentor or tutor, serve as a New Student Orientation leader or EMBRACE facilitator, coach and referee in a youth sports league, initiate a new program for an organization, facilitate group discussions, participate in campus and community leadership programs, serve on a university-wide committee, become an officer of a club/organization, organize and manage an intramural sport, present at a conference.
  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking Skills:Become a student mediator, participate in Student Leadership Institute workshops, become a member of a committee, observe a court case, write a research paper, participate in city council meetings, engage in community service, join a professional association, start or join a book club.
  • Teamwork skills:Team tutor, participate in a musical or theater production, become a Resident Advisor, volunteer in a hospital or food drive, serve as an organization member, participate in AmeriCorps, design group projects or presentations, compete in athletics and club sports teams, serve on Associated Students, Inc. boards and committees, join a fraternity or sorority, serve as Project Director in the Volunteering Service Center or New Student Orientation Leader.
  • Technology Skills:Create and use a PowerPoint presentation, assist organizations and campus departments with database development and statistical analysis, keep budgets for student clubs using Excel, become a student assistant for an Information Technology area.
  • For additional planning resources, refer to "Skills" for Success" link
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