Volunteer & Service Center

The Volunteer & Service Center, located in TSU-2, connects students, clubs and organizations with volunteer opportunities. The center provides quality service to the surrounding community while broadening the knowledge and experience of the volunteers. The Volunteer & Service Center supports a wide range of community service projects focused on issues such as tutoring and mentoring, civic engagement, environmentalism, and hunger and homelessness. These projects are organized and led by student Project Directors, an outstanding leadership opportunity for any student! Students can utilize the Volunteer & Service Center as a referral source for finding an opportunity with an off-campus agency that fits their particular interest, sign up for one of our one-time days of service, or participate in an ongoing project.

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Here’s your chance to give back to those in need! Visit us online. The Volunteer & Service Center also coordinates Students ACT (Advocating Civic Transformation), which is focused on educating students on important social and political issues as well as empowering them to take action in order to change our world. Students ACT coordinates Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week in Fall and the Social Justice Summit in the spring, in addition to collaborating on other events and activities throughout the year. Volunteers are always needed!

Students' Experiences

"[My involvement] has really helped me adjust to the environment as a first-time freshman. Giving presentations in classrooms helped me develop leadership skills and [getting involved] is a great way to make friends."

— Katie Nguyen, Project Director 2007-2008

"It helps to foster a broader perspective of the world... There are children starving and dying in large numbers just 100 miles south of us, not to mention the countless other problems immediately surrounding us. Helping to fix these problems doesn't require a lifetime of devotion, or a heart of gold, you've just got to get up and do it."

— James McKenney, Project Director 2006-2008