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Services & Eligibility

  1. Food Assistance

    CSUF's meal assistance support efforts provide Titans with access to free food at various locations. Additionally, a new app, Titan Bites (see below), was created to alert subscribers about locations on campus with free food.

    a. CalFresh

    CSUF staff are collaborating with Second Harvest Food Bank to ensure that students in need are aware of broader support services. For more information, please see our other resources page .

    b. Titan Bites

    Created in response to increasing meal insecurity among CSUF students, this service is a way to provide convenient and immediate notifications of available food on campus after a catered event. This program will send push notifications to your mobile device and/or email, informing you when and where to get the available food on campus. 

    How to opt in (CSUF students only)?

    1. Log in to your portal.
    2. Click on the ‘personal icon’ in the top right corner, and select ‘settings.’
    3. Under ‘Student Account Settings’ select ‘Edit’ next to “Join Titan Bites Free Food Program on Campus.”
    4. Check off either ‘Email’ and/or ‘SMS’ and enter information.
    5. Click on ‘Join.’
    6. The process is completed.

    Any questions related to Titan Bites, please email Tuffy's Basic Needs Center at basicneeds@fullerton.edu.

  2. Emergency Temporary Housing

    Emergency Temporary Housing is available for displaced CSUF students who are living in their cars; temporarily staying with friends or family; or unable to continue to live in current residence. Students may be housed for up to 2 weeks in an apartment located on campus while they acquire stable and permanent housing.  
  3. Titans Helping Titans

    Originally a seasonal hygiene drive hosted by Student Life & Leadership, this now permanent program provides free hygiene products, including soap, deodorant, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, razors, pads, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, and washcloths to students in need.
  4. Tuffy's Career Closet

    The WoMen's & Adult Reentry Center, in partnership with several campus stakeholders, developed this program to offer students free, gently-worn professional attire to support career development and advancement.

  5. Financial Support

    Students who have been involved in unforseen emergency, crisis, or catastrophic event may apply for the Student Emergency Grant. This program is designed to assist those who cannot reasonably resolve their financial difficulty through scholarships, loans or other financial aid awards.

    Eligibility Criteria*

    a. Must be an enrolled and matriculated CSUF student.

    b. Must be able to demonstrate an urgent financial need. Supporting documentation is helpful where appropriate.

    c.  Must have exhausted all sources of financial assistance including loans.

    d. Must be in good academic standing.

  1. *All requests are subject to review by CSUF Cares Review Committee.

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