Student Organizations

ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)

ACM is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to advancing the art, science, engineering, and application of information technology, serving both professional and public interests by fostering the open interchange of information and by promoting the highest professional and ethical standards. The ACM at CSUF provides a continuing forum for the exchange of ideas and announcements for all the students on campus that share an interest in the diversified aspects of computing. Activities include field trips, programming contests, workshops, symposiums, games and tournaments.

The ACM is a student-run organization and its activities are open to all interested students. The club is successful only to the extent that students support it and participate in its activities. We encourage you to get involved!

For more information on the club, you are welcome to contact us at or visit our homepage at in new window .


Offensive Security Society (OSS)

Offensive Security Society (OSS) is formed by a student group interested in learning about proactive approaches to cybersecurity security (i.e., staying on the offense). The offensive approach emphasizes using proof-of-concept attacks against one's own systems and networks in order to uncover and fix vulnerabilities before attackers do. The group frequently holds security workshops, speaker events, and participates in cybersecurity competitions. In Spring 2015, OSS team has won the first place in the computer forensics category at the Information Technology Competition at Cal Poly Pomona.

For more information on the club, you are welcome to contact us at or visit our homepage at http://www.osscsuf.orgOpens in new window .


Video Game Design Club

The Video Game Design Club is a university recognized club, open to all CSU Fullerton students who have a passion for creating and playing video games. The club meets regularly during the academic year, organizes special events as well as student projects. To learn more about the club, email the club directly at

Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE)

UPE is the first and only international honors society for the Computing and Information disciplines. It has received endorsements from the two largest computer organizations in the world, the ACM and the IEEE. The UPE is also a member of the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS). As an honors society, UPE only grants membership to students from the top of their class. Some of the activities and benefits of being a member include: field trips to major companies and research facilities, seminars by guest speakers from industry and academic organizations, share information about graduate schools (for M.S. or Ph.D. degree programs), share knowledge and techniques among members, develop close relationships with faculty members for research and projects, meet with other outstanding computer science students from our own university and from other universities, and much more. For more detail information about UPE, please visit at http://upe.acm.orgOpens in new window .

Every member will receive the membership certificate, carat-clad key pin, and a free one-year ACM student membership (current ACM members receive a one-year extension). Please fill out the membership application (posted on http://upe.acm.orgOpens in new window ) with your check (one time membership fee $55) and send it to:

Upsilon Pi Epsilon Membership
Department of Computer Science, CSUF
P.O. Box 6870
Fullerton, CA 92834