Placement Exams

In many subjects of study at CSUF, there are multiple classes in which you may begin your studies depending upon your previous experience and studies. The University has developed placement examinations that may be used to determine the best starting point for you. It is essential that you be placed in the right course! Starting out too low where you will not learn anything new is a waste of time. Starting out too high can be frustrating and stressful.

For the Computer Science undergraduate student, there are two important placement exams:

  • Computer Science Placement Examination
  • Mathematics Qualifying Examination

Computer Science Placement Exams

The Computer Science curriculum begins with a three course sequence, CPSC 120, 121, 131, covering concepts of programming and data structures. You may have gained knowledge of these topics in a variety of ways, but do not have formal courses to transfer nor AP scores to submit. To validate your knowledge to waive one or more of these courses. The test may be taken only once. Test scores are valid for two consecutive semesters.

Arrive for instructions 10 minutes before the test begins. Bring pencils and erasers. There is no fee and you do not need to pre-register, but picture identification is required.

Test Dates Test Times Location
Wednesday, August 19, 2020 10:00am - 11:50am CS - 300

 If you take the placement exam and receive a waiver in one or more of these courses, you will have to take additional CS elective course(s) to satisfy the 120-units graduation requirement. 

For examination policies and results, please contact the Computer Science Department Office (CS-522, 657-278-3700,

Advanced Placement Examination Scores

If you took the AP Computer Science A the unit and course credits will be applied according to your AP scores as follows:

Score Units Credit
3 or 4 3 CPSC 120
5 6 CPSC 120 and 121

Mathematics Qualifying Examination (MQE)

Before enrolling in Math 150A, you must either have recently passed Math 125 (Pre-calculus), or an equivalent course at another institution, or take the Mathematics Qualifying Exam. Additional information on this exam is available in the online registration guide, and from the Fullerton Testing Center, University Hall 229, and (657) 278-3838.