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 California State University, Fullerton



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Manufacturing Engineering Emphasis

Students pursuing the Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in manufacturing engineering must complete a total of 139 units. These include: 33 units of lower-division mathematics and science courses; 22 units of core engineering courses; 45 units of required mechanical engineering courses; 6 units of technical electives; and 33 units of General Education courses. Before enrolling in any elective course, approval of the Department Advisor must be obtained.

Required Courses (45 units)

Course Description Units
EGEE 203L Electric Circuits Laboratory 1
EGEE 303 Electronics 3
EGME 306B Fluids and Thermal Laboratory 1
EGME 315 Basic Fabrication Techniques and Manufacturing Practices 3
EGME 322L Introduction to Comptuer-Aided Design 3
EGME 331 Mechanical Behavior of Materials 3
EGME 333 Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics 3
EGME 335 Introduction to Mechanical Design 3
EGME 407 Heat Transfer 3
EGME 414 Design Project I 3
EGME 419 Design Project II 2
EGME 421 Mechanical Design 3
EGME 426 Design of Thermal and Fluid Systems 3
EGME 461 Fabrication Methods 3
EGME 463 Introduction to Robotics 3
EGME 476A Dynamic Systems and Controls Lab 2
EGME 483 Computer-Integrated Manufacturing 3


Technical Electives (6 units)

Course Description Units
EGME 410 Introduction to the Finite Element Method and Applications 3
EGME 411 Mechanical Control Systems 3
EGME 454 Optimization of Engineering Design 3
EGME 459 Plastics and Other Non-Metallics 3
EGME 460 Failure of Engineering Materials 3
EGME 462 Composite Materials 3
EGME 480 Human Factors in Engineering 3
EGCE 408 Reinforced Concrete Design 3
EGEE 404 Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcomputers 3
EGEE 404L Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcomputers Lab 1
EGEE 445 Digital Electronics 3
EGEE 445L Digital Electronics Lab 1
EGEE 465 Introduction to VLSI Design 3

*Note: Before enrolling in any elective, course approval of the advisor must be obtained.