Frequently Asked Questions

Is EOP just at CSUF?

No, EOP is offered at all CSU campuses however each program differs in requirements and deadlines. So make sure to call each individual campuses to see which steps you need to take in order to be considered for the program that matches the school you wish to attend.

What services does EOP offer?

We offer academic counseling and your counselor remains the same throughout your academic career at Cal State Fullerton. Another service EOP offers is a special computer lab for EOP students to do homework or work on projects. If funds allow some EOP students may also receive an EOP grant that gets tied in with their Financial Aid payout.

When can I apply to EOP?

Students may only apply to the program as first time freshman or first time transfer students. As we are a secondary admissions program we are unable to accept applications once a student begins attending Cal State Fullerton.

How do I submit Letter of Recommendations?

The two Recommendation forms can be found on the EOP Section of Calstate ApplyOpens in new window . The EOP applicant has to provide the email addresses of the two different recommenders. They will receive an email link through Calstate Apply to complete and submit the online form. 

Does EOP offer priority registration?

Unfortunately, we do not offer priority registration. However, there are various programs on campus that provide priority registration.

Does EOP provide textbook vouchers?

We do not provide book vouchers. We offer for eligible EOP students an EOP grant and that money can be used for school supplies including books.

What do I need before I come in or call the EOP Admissions Office?

Upon contacting us you will need your Campus Wide ID number (CWID) as this is how we will verify that we are looking at the correct student's information. It is also a good idea to make a list of questions you may have for us so you don’t forget anything once you come in person in the office or when you give us a call.

How do I make an appointment with my EOP counselor?

Have your campus wide identification numbers and counselor's name ready and call (657) 278-2288 to check your counselor’s availability.

Does EOP help AB540 students?

Yes! There is a separate EOP application for AB540 students which can be requested from Student Academic Services by calling (657)278-2288 or by visiting their office in Gordon Hall room 143.