Full-Time Lecturer Evaluation Overview 

Faculty Affairs and Records oversees the evaluation of Full-time Lecturers.  In 2020-2021, candidates and reviewers will use Interfolio’s Review, Promotion & Tenure platform for these evaluations. 


Access to Interfolio is available through the CSUF faculty portal. There will be 12 categories within Interfolio for Lecturers to upload their documents. 


Faculty are required to have all of their materials uploaded and the WPAF checklist form (available in the template section below) submitted to their Chair by 5pm on the deadline.    For Counselors (CAPS) and Library Faculty  there are some documents that are  specific  to thier portfolios and they are noted below.


UPS 210.070 defines the four types of evaluations. The period of review is determined by the type of evaluation and the lecturer's employment status:

  1. 6-year comprehensive evaluation 
  2. Year 3 of 3 periodic evaluation 
  3. Annual Periodic evaluation 
  4. Range Elevation evaluation 

Descriptions and materials to aid in the preparation of all evaluation types, except Range Elevations, are provided on this page.  Further information about Range Elevations can be found on th FAR Range Elevation Information Page.   


Wpaf prep Tips

  1. Expect to prepare a WPAF for evaluation EVERY year, unless notified otherwise. OR if you are in years 1 or 2 of a 3-year appointment. 
  2. First, gather and organize PDFs of all required documents 
  3. Use a logical naming convention for WPAF documents that helps reviewers identify contents
  4. Create WPAF Table of Contents Last 
  5. Contact Department Chairs, mentors, or senior faculty with Portfolio style or content questions  


Spring 2021 WPAF submission deadline: February 22, 2021

  • Full-Time Faculty in their sixth consecutive year of lecturer employment at CSUF undergo a Comprehensive Evaluation

  • In a comprehensive evaluation, the period under review is the time from the date of hire to the date of the WPAF submission for the scheduled review in the current academic year 

  • The data and documentation for this type of review will encompass  5 1/2  years ( 11 Semesters) worth of activities 


Spring 2021 WPAF submission deadline: Februrary 22, 2021

  • Full-Time Faculty in the third year of a three-year appointment will undergo a three-year periodic evaluation
  • In these periodic evaluations, the period under review is  from the beginning of the three-year appointment to the date the WPAF is submitted for the scheduled review in the current academic year
  • Data and documentation submitted for this type of review will encompass 2 1/2  years ( 5  Semesters) worth of activities


Annual Periodic Evaluation

Spring 2021 WPAF submission deadline: February 22, 2021

  • Full-Time Faculty within the first five years of lecturer employment at CSUF will undergo an annual periodic evaluation
  • In the first year of employment, all documentation submitted for evaluation will encompass only 1 semester's worth of academic and professional activities.
  • In subsequent annual periodic evaluations, the period of review is from the day after the WPAF was submitted in the previous academic year to the submission deadline of the current academic year.
    • Data and documentation for this type of review will encompass 1 year ( 2 semesters) worth of activities

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