Lecturer Reviews

Faculty Affairs and Records oversees the evaluation of full-time Lecturers as well as Range Elevation evaluations (part-time Lecturers are evaluated according to Department and College policies).  In Spring 2018, candidates and reviewers will use Interfolio’s Review, Promotion & Tenure for these evaluations.  Access to Interfolio is available through the CSUF faculty portal and is demonstrated in the following videoOpens in new window .   

Faculty are required to have all of their materials uploaded and the hard-copy checklist form (available from the link above) submitted to their Chair by 5pm on Monday, March 5, 2018.  It is recommended that Interfolio users first gather all of their PDF documents and create their Table of Contents (available above).  Please use a naming convention for your documents so that reviewers can distinguish them from one another and identify the contents by the name.  There are 12 categories within Interfolio for Lecturers to upload their documents (see the candidate packet requirements herePDF File Opens in new window ).  

Temporary faculty (lecturers, temporary librarians, temporary counselors) should review UPS 210.070PDF File Opens in new window , prior to preparing their Working Personnel Action File (WPAF) for evaluation.

All temporary faculty should normally expect to prepare a WPAF for evaluation, the exception being faculty in the first or second year of a 3-year contract (unless requested).  The UPS document defines four types of evaluations. The period of review is determined by the type of evaluation and the lecturer's employment status.

Periodic Evaluation

  • Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty within the first five years of lecturer employment at CSUF will undergo an annual periodic evaluation
  • Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty in the third year of a three-year appointment will undergo a three-year periodic evaluation

In a periodic evaluation, the period under review is the time since the WPAF was submitted for the prior review, which is usually one year or three years.

Comprehensive (sixth-year) Evaluation

  • Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty in the sixth consecutive year of lecturer employment at CSUF

In a comprehensive evaluation, the period under review is the time to the initial lecturer appointment.

Range Elevation Evaluation

  • Only for Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty eligible to apply for the range elevation process.

In a range elevation, the period under review is the entire time within the current range, but with emphasis on past 5 years.  Please note that the Range Elevation process is not simply a matter of asking for a salary increase based on good performance.  It is specific process set forth in the faculty collective bargaining agreement.  Eligibility to apply for this type of increase is limited to lecturers who have reached a certain type of "plateau" in their salary and are no longer able to receive Service Salary Increases in their current position.  Please refer to UPS 210.070 and to the FAR range elevation page for more information.