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State University Grant
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State University Grant (SUG) is funded by the State of California to assist students with educational expenses. Students must be California residents and must demonstrate need. You must be enrolled in at least 6 units to receive a SUG payment. CSUF annual awards for full-time students: $4,866 for undergraduates; $5,544 for teaching credential candidates and $5,850 for graduate students. These amounts are based on the proposed fees for 2010-2011 and are subject to change. Students who missed the March 2 priority deadline may be offered a reduced SUG award.

2010-11 Disbursement Policy:

If you are enrolled full-time (12 or more units) you will receive 100% of your award as shown in your TITAN Online "award summary". If you are enrolled in fewer than 12 units, the maximum SUG payment is adjusted according to the following chart*.

# of Units Enrollment
Teacher Credentials
6 units
7 - 11 units
12 or more units

* If your award amount is less than the amounts shown in the chart for your class level and units, you will receive 100% of your award.

Special Rules for Cal Grant recipients:

If you have been awarded a Cal Grant A or B for payment of your state fees, your SUG award is designed to cover your Cal State Fullerton fees. However, because of special rules limiting awards for students enrolled part-time, you will not receive a SUG payment if you are enrolled in 7 - 11 units.

What happens if you drop one or more classes after receiving a SUG payment?

If you receive a SUG payment based on the disbursement chart above and you drop one or more courses on or before the last day to drop a class without a grade of W (see academic calendar on CSU, Fullerton's website), you may be billed for any overpaid amount. Example: If you receive a full-time undergraduate payment of $2433 and drop to 6 units by that deadline date, you will be billed for repayment of $888. $2433 less $1545 (partial award) = $888 to be repaid.

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