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How to Get a Federal Stafford Loan
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If you qualify to receive a Federal Stafford Loan, we will offer the loan to you automatically to help meet educational costs not being met by grants or outside aid.

You must first submit a FAFSA and provide any requested documentation in order for us to determine your Federal Stafford Loan eligibility. Once we offer you a loan, you must ACTIVATE YOUR LOAN by accepting the loan on "Titan Online" to tell us your chosen lender and the amount you are accepting. The complete loan process is described in the following steps:

Step 1

Review your financial aid award summary in New TITAN Online and click on the “Federal Stafford” name for complete details on how to accept the loan.

Step 2

If you are borrowing for the first time, complete pre-loan counseling. If you submit a loan request to our office and you have not completed the pre-loan counseling requirement.

Step 3

The Office of Financial Aid certifies your loan and transmits it electronically to EDFUND, the California state guaranty agency for approval. We send an e-mail to you to confirm your loan has been certified and transmitted.

Step 4

EDFUND reviews your prior loan history, if any, and checks to see if you have a Master Promissory Note (MPN) on file. If no MPN is on file, EDFUND will send an e-mail to you directing you to a website where you may sign your MPN electronically.

Step 5

Get ready now! Your federal PIN (the same one you use to file and update your FAFSA) is required for you to sign your MPN electronically. If you don't know your federal PIN, request a duplicate now so that you may e-sign your MPN as soon as it's available through EDFUND.

Step 6

You may track your loan through ELM Resources to see if the loan has been approved by EDFUND, the scheduled amounts and dates of disbursements, receipt of your MPN, etc.

Step 7

Your lender forwards your loan funds electronically (EFT) to the University through the National Disbursement Network. These funds are deposited into a University checking account. Allow 2 business days for your funds to reach the campus from the date shown in the ELM system.

Step 8

The Office of Financial Aid confirms your continued eligibility for the loan funds and authorizes Student Financial Services (SFS) to prepare your disbursement. Any outstanding University obligations are paid first and, if funds remain, the balance is disbursed to you. Loan funds are disbursed at least twice a week throughout the semester.

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