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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Requirements
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When you accept financial aid, you agree to meet the terms and conditions of your awards. One of the most important conditions of receiving aid is the requirement to make “Satisfactory Academic Progress”.

It’s important that you understand both academic policies and financial aid policies governing grading and dropping classes. For example, an instructor may advise you to drop a class to avoid getting a low grade. But if you drop a class, you may risk losing your future financial aid for failing to make academic progress. Before you drop a class, contact the Office of Financial Aid and ask if it will affect your eligibility.

Here is a brief overview of the SAP requirements at Cal State Fullerton. Be sure to read the full SAP policy and ask if there’s anything you don’t understand.

Federal financial aid regulations state that schools must use grade point average, pace, and maximum time frame SAP measures:

Grade Point Average Standard: You must meet the following GPA standards:

Class Level Cumulative GPA Requirement
Freshman (0-29 units) 1.5
Sophomore (30-59 units) 1.70
Junior (60 units) 1.85
Senior (90 or more units) 2.0
2nd BA 2.0
Credential 2.5
Graduate 3.0

If you do not achieve the minimum GPA, you will be placed on "termination" status.

Pace of Progression: You must earn credit for the courses you are enrolled in. At the end of the year, we compare your earned units with your enrolled units. You must earn credit for at least 70% of your attempted units to remain in good standing. If you earn less than 70% of attempted units, you will be placed on "termination" status.

Maximum Time Frame Measure: You must complete your degree program in a reasonable amount of time; that is, within 150% of the minimum program length. At Cal State Fullerton, we allow 150% of the minimum number of units required for your degree program. This is called your "unit cap". Once you reach or exceed your unit cap, you may not receive financial aid at Cal State Fullerton for that degree. If you graduate and enter a new program (e.g., teaching credential or master's degree), you may become eligible for a new unit cap for that degree or credential program.

See the complete SAP Policy for further details. And be sure to contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have any questions.

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