Eden Ellis

I’m definitely glad I chose Cal State Fullerton. I could have gone to another university that’s more prestigious, but I wouldn’t have the opportunities that I have here. I have small classes; I can talk to my professors; I have research opportunities; I’m able to actually interact with the president of the university and the President’s Scholar’s Program helps me out with anything that I want.

I’ve had opportunities to meet the donors at social functions at the president’s house and at university events. It’s always really nice to meet the donors, because without them, I wouldn’t have this scholarship. They seem to really care about us; they ask a million questions about what we’re doing in school; they ask about the program; our majors; and what we plan on doing in the future.

The program has exceeded my expectations. It is so much more than financial benefits. I had no idea what a great education I was going to get at Cal State Fullerton.

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