Kevin Johnston

I am a President’s Scholar, and I’m very glad that I chose Cal State Fullerton. I applied to other universities, but none of them offered me the opportunities that I’m enjoying here. Being a President’s Scholar had a huge impact on my first few years. The program accepts a wide variety of majors, so we learn from each other. I was initially a music major – I play the sax and clarinet – but changed my mind when I took an acting class. I am majoring in theater arts partly because of the help of a fellow President’s Scholar who majored in that field. I also appreciate the program because we “give back” to the university and the community, such as volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. I think the scholarship is particularly valuable because it allows me to get involved in my education at a level I might not otherwise be able to achieve. Personally, I think any university would be proud to have our President’s Scholars for students.

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