Amy Roberts

I just really like the way the honors classes are run. They’re small classes with a lot of interaction and personal feedback. Since I am an engineering major, my requirements are different, but the Honors Program has been really flexible with me. In fact, I will be able to be use my internship in Chicago this summer for one of my courses. I am working at the Gas Technology Institute, which is one of the largest natural gas research facilities in the United States. It’s a great program. I am able to work on several different projects with engineers and project managers from different disciplines and backgrounds. When I started Cal State Fullerton, I didn’t think that I was good enough to go to graduate school. Engineering is a hard major. But because of the encouragement I've received from my professors and fellow students, and the success I've had in applying what I've learned in industry, I now feel confident that I will be successful whether I go straight into industry or attend graduate school.

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