Background Image Caption: As an undergraduate, Lawrence Gray worked in the lab with Professor Maria Linder. Now pursuing a doctorate in biochemistry, Gray credits his success to her. “She taught, coached and trained me as a student, mentee and a scientist.”

The Quality of Education

A Faculty That Makes a Lasting Impact on Students

Undergraduates at some of the nation's most prestigious universities sometimes complain that their teachers actually are graduate students instead of the well-known professors upon whom the universities' reputations are based. At Cal State Fullerton, though, the faculty emphasizes teaching. Alumni treasure the way their teachers became personally involved in their education.

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Journalist Stuart Pfeifer '87, a Pulitzer Prize-winning staff writer for the Los Angeles Times began his career as editor of the Daily Titan. "I learned a great deal about investigative reporting form instructor Gary Granville, and our Daily Titan advisor, Jay Berman, really taught us everything we had done wrong. As embarrassing as it was, he really prepared us. He demonstrated how important it is to write a story accurately and clearly."

Entrepreneur Albert Wong '75, who majored in electrical engineering before founding one technology company and playing key roles in others, credit a part-time engineering instructor who "had a profound influence on my education. She added to it a different color and practicality. I found that you need information beyond textbooks, beyond theory."

Wong sums up what many alumni seem to feel about their alma mater: "There is no magic bullet to becoming successful, but education does give you the learning, the tools, and the confidence to go forward, and Cal State Fullerton was key to achieving my goals."

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