Background Image Caption: Jacquie Maple ‘02 (B.S.N.) says she chose Cal State Fullerton for its convenience, “but I'd recommend it to others because of the quality. The nursing students came from all walks of life and all specialties. The instructors weren't just good - they were current and still practicing.”

School of Nursing

California and Orange County suffer from a severe nursing shortage. Because of this shortage and the university’s responsiveness to meeting community needs, the School of Nursing has steadily increased and diversified its nursing program offerings. Several variables are driving the need for the development of more nurses with advanced degrees in nursing. The first is the realization that quality patient care hinges on having a well-educated nursing workforce. A growing body of research clearly indicates that lower patient mortality rates, fewer medication errors, and positive care outcomes are all linked to nurses prepared at the baccalaureate and graduate degree levels. Secondly, nurses’ roles as primary care providers are expected to expand under health care reform. This will significantly impact the need for the education of more advanced practice nurses in meeting the health care needs of the community we serve.

The School of Nursing offers accredited bachelor's and master's degrees that prepare students to be leaders, specialists, researchers, as well as providers and managers of care. The master's program includes concentrations in several specialty areas that address the personnel shortages that local hospitals and communities now face: nursing administrators, nurse anesthetists, school nurse, women's health care, and nurse educator.

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